Aimee Gruber

Aimee Gruber

Assistant Professor & Education Coordinator, Murray State University Paducah Campus

Education: Johns Hopkins University

Occupation: Assistant Professor and Education Coordinator at Murray State University Paducah Campus

Family: Aimee and her husband, Tom, have two daughters, Caroline and Meghan.

How was volunteerism encouraged in your family or community? My parents modeled to me at a young age through their actions the importance and difference one can make to their community by volunteering.

How does healthcare support a thriving community? Healthcare needs to continue to communicate with the community to educate them on the latest and most effective methods of medicine to promote healthy living.

How can gratitude help heal you spiritually, physically and emotionally? Gratitude is kindness one acts on to help and support positive acts that impact the lives of others. I am impressed by the generous acts individuals perform by either their time, talent, and money to make a difference.