Baptist Health Floyd exteriorBaptist Health Floyd is a place our community turns to have their healthcare needs met with compassion, urgency and dedication. At the Foundation, we plan to advance this mission by creating opportunities for you to be engaged in our fundraising efforts as we strive to improve the health of our community and provide exceptional care to each and every person who walks through our doors. We invite you to join us in our vision to make more possible.


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My family has grown up in this community, and our children were born there. We want to be closely tied to Baptist. And as a citizen, as a community member, just like I want a good school system, I want a great hospital too.

Everyone is connected in some type of way. Health care is something that's very vital for any community. It's vital for every person to have access to health care. What we're working towards in our strategic plan is to provide high-quality, safe, high-outcome care, and putting the Foundation in place, we've already come a long way.

We have some very exciting programs in the lung cancer realm here at Floyd. We have a lung nodule program. It is a AI program, which is really exciting, that reads all of the radiology reports from every CAT scan that's obtained here at Baptist Floyd.

And it sends any new lung nodule findings, any new concerning things, to a list, and that allows our nurse navigator to get those patients in to see me or my colleagues sooner.

And I think robotic bronchoscopy is the most exciting new technology we have because you can really see the difference it makes.

Our data shows that the majority of people come in with stage three or four lung cancer. If we can do things to catch people early and get them treated early, hugely affects their life. And that's what we're trying to do. With Baptist Health Foundation Floyd, what we are doing is partnering with the community to help us to raise the funds that we need to continue our our journey with our five year strategic plan.

When you talk about life, what is your purpose? What have you been given? And then how are you walking into that? Everybody can feel a part of the hospital and given back to the future generations of, Floyd County, New Albany and all of our surrounding counties. It's vital to support the Foundation that creates a health hub right here in our own community that's accessible for everyone.

One of the things that we're proud of at Prosser is that we do an exceptional job of training young people to kick start their careers.

I'm thrilled that that the Foundation is focused on some initiatives to take the hospital from a great hospital to an even better hospital. And I'm thrilled to see how that outcome will continue to play out as Prosser students learn the trades and get invited into the Baptist organization.

Baptist Health Floyd means a great deal to me. It's critical to my family. It's critical to the school system I work for. When you give your money to the Baptist Health Foundation Floyd, it's really about supporting the hospital. It's my personal work that I wanna make sure that it becomes the best hospital it can be because in the end, we all benefit from that.

With the help of Foundation, we focus on innovation. You're able to get state of the art care in your back yard. You don't have to cross the bridge or the ocean to to get your care. Everything can be done here at Baptist Floyd.

What I see is, you know, the future of what we can be. And, I'm willing to invest in that future to reach that goal. We want our kids to be safe. Right? We wanna live a better quality of life, and we want a place of hope when there are crises that arise. We want to be able to say where's that resource in our community. Why not start here with the Baptist Health Foundation Floyd.