Kyle Lanoue

Kyle Lanoue, PhD

Career and Technical Education Director, Prosser Career Education Center

Hometown: New Albany

Education: From Indiana State University Kyle earned a Bachelor's degree in Technology Teacher Education/Industrial Arts Teacher Education; Masters of Education in School Administration and Supervision, K-12; Master of Education (Med) in Educational Leadership and Administration; Doctor of Philosophy in School Administration and Supervision, K-12; and his Licensure for Director of Career and Technical Education. He also hold diplomas from the National Outdoor Leadership School in Mountaineering and an Outdoor Wilderness Educator Course.

Occupation: Career and Technical Education Director, Prosser Career Education Center

Why did you chose to get involved with Baptist Health?

Organizations often ask people to donate time, talent or treasure. As a new Baptist Health Foundation board member and donor with a personal and professional stake in Baptist Health Floyd’s success, Kyle Lanoue happily gives all three. 


“Baptist Health Floyd has the opportunity to change the lives of people for generations through not only healthcare but also employment opportunities,” says Kyle, who serves as Career and Technical Education Director at Prosser Career Education Center.


Kyle first got involved with Baptist Health Floyd when he worked with hospital leadership to lower the employment age from 18 to 16 for Certified Nursing Assistants. That change allows the students he serves to get valuable on-the-job training that will lead to a gainful, enriching career path while also supplying the hospital a potential “funnel” for much-needed medical personnel.


“You hire the 16-year-old, and it teaches them life skills on top of work skills, putting them on a track for a much larger professional career or lifting them out of poverty,” he says. “Maybe we help them to become an RN or an LPN and end up as a nurse practitioner. By then, they’d have a deep connection and loyalty to Baptist.”


As a dad, husband, and resident of the area, Kyle also understands the need for a strong local hospital that provides more comprehensive and specialized care closer to home.


“I have a wife and kids that live in this community. I’d like our healthcare to be local and not across the river,” he says.


Kyle’s son, Jace, has a seizure disorder that requires treatment in Louisville or with their specialist in Cincinnati. That means either long drives and missed work or a less personal virtual appointment. Contributing to Baptist Health Foundation Floyd can help to acquire new equipment, facilities and services, as well as attract the doctors to provide that specialized care, he says: “Whatever can be at Baptist Health Floyd, let’s get it there.”


Baptist Health Floyd is a vital part of the community, not just for health reasons, but socially, Kyle says. Doctors, nurses and patients know each other and see each other at school, ball games and grocery stores. That connection creates an important bond that strengthens the community.


“I’m thrilled to get a cultural movement going here. I love connections, I love building that network,” he says. “The mission that we’re discussing at Baptist Health – I’m enthusiastic to share and build that. As a member of the community, it benefits me in a pretty sizeable way and I’m excited to be a part of that.”