Angela Ballard, APRN

Angela Ballard, APRN

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Baptist Health Medical Group Family Medicine

Hometown: Bardstown, KY

Education: Spalding University (Louisville, KY.)

Community Support: Member of the Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners/Nurse Midwives and is certified with the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Occupation: Angela is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) at Bardstown Family Medical Center.

Family: Angela and her husband Michael have four children and five grandchildren.

Why are you volunteering your time on the Baptist Health Foundation Hardin Board? Baptist Health Hardin’s services extend to not just Hardin County, but an entire 10-county region. As a resident of Nelson County, it is important for me to serve as a voice for members of my community on the board.

What does your experience as an APRN bring to the board? As an APRN at a Baptist Health Hardin healthcare facility, I want to provide a perspective to the board that comes from direct interactions with patients in our service region. I view my service on the board as an extension of the care I provide at Bardstown Family Medical Center.

What does gratitude mean to you and what are you grateful for? I’m grateful for the variety of providers and medical services available throughout the area thanks to Baptist Health Hardin. Throughout Baptist Health Hardin’s service region, you will find compassionate and dedicated healthcare professionals united not just by Baptist’s Health’s name and signage, but by its mission to provide quality care to patients throughout the region.