Jerry Sims

Jerry Sims

Assistant Manager, Coldwell Banker McMahan

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio.

Education: Jerry attended Toledo University.

Community Support: Jerry honorably served in the Ohio Air National Guard, 180th Fighter Wing. He also volunteers at area assisted living facilities during the holidays, performing music for residents.

Occupation: Jerry is a realtor and office manager with Coldwell Banker McMahan.

Family: Jerry is married to his wife Mimi.

Why do you volunteer in the community? It helps with “Making Good Things Happen for Other People,” which is our motto at Coldwell Banker McMahan.

How does healthcare support a thriving community? Easy access to quality healthcare will improve a person's life, along with helping to prevent diseases and outbreaks or large financial medical burdens. Also, it helps to minimize the strain and stress on the community healthcare workers and staff.

How can gratitude help heal you spiritually, physically and emotionally? Spiritually, I feel more connected to family, friends and others. It also provides me with a sense of appreciating life situations. Physically, it helps me reduce anxiety, or not feel depressed about circumstances and helps with my sleep and relaxation. Emotionally, I’m more excited and able to share my happiness with others. Also, I can search for something that’s good when experiencing a bad situation.