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Cory Samsil

Financial Advisor

Education: Murray State

Occupation: Cory is a financial advisor

Community Involvement: 
  • Sunrise Children's Services (Board of Directors 2008-2017)
  • Sunrise Local Golf Committee 2013-present
  • McCracken County Sheriff's Foundation (Chairman 2020-present)
  • Lone Oak First Baptist Church Finance Committee (multiple terms including past chair)
  • Various other smaller roles over the years

Family: Cory and his wife Niki have 2 children, Lexi and Cooper. 

How was volunteerism encouraged in your family or community? I have extensive experience working in our community and the Commonwealth. As a former teacher, I have a longstanding passion to help develop our community through various endeavors. 

How does healthcare support a thriving community? Healthcare is a critical component to any successful community. Simply the fact that healthcare is critical to our individual health and life. It is also vital to expansion; quality healthcare is top criteria many large employers seek while scouting prospective new locations.

How can gratitude help heal you spiritually, physically and emotionally? Chris is described as loving, compassionate, merciful and gracious in the Scripture. Many examples of his miracles stem from people being grateful for the mere opportunity to touch his garment or even hear him speak. From those examples we can conclude that gratitude is a critical component to the healing process.