Heath Bowling

Heath Bowling

Certified Financial Planner/Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Hometown: Paducah, KY

Education: University of Kentucky, Bachelor of Business Administration/Finance

Community Support: Outside of being a board member with Baptist Health Foundation Paducah, Heath is involved in many community organizations including the National UK Alumni Board, Baptist Health Paducah Administrative Board, Salvation Army, McCracken County UK Alumni Association, and Market House Theatre.

Occupation: Certified Financial Planner/Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Family: Heath and his wife, Tara, have 4 children; Brooke, Reed, Nathan and Drew.

Why are you volunteering your time on the Baptist Health Foundation Hardin Board? To give back to the community.

How does healthcare support a thriving community? If you don’t have you health, wealth does not matter. A healthy community leads to a prosperous community.

Today, who or what are you most grateful for? My family.