Jeff Holland

Jeff Holland

Founder/Licensed Agent, Samsil & Holland

Hometown: Jackson, TN

Education: Delta State University, 1978 BA in Business Administration

Occupation: Assistant Professor and Education Coordinator at Murray State University Paducah Campus

Community Support: McCracken County Board of Education (past), Leadership Paducah (Alumni), Western Baptist/Baptist Health Board of Directors (former - 12 years), Baptist Healthcare System Board of Directors (former - 11 years/Chairman 04-05), Baptist Health Foundation Paducah (2008-present), Paducah/McCracken County Riverport Authority Board (current)

Family: Jeff and his spouse, Terri, have one daughter named Kelsey. 

Why is volunteerism important to the wellbeing of the community? Serving my community over the years has been an honor and a privilege.  I have been part of so many wonderful things through my various roles, not only with Baptist Health but with the other organizations as well.  Being part of these meetings with these other community leaders has given me such a sense of pride and gratitude for our area.  I think by embracing volunteerism and service to your community allows us to see every side of where we live and by seeing this, we can come together and continue to thrive.

How does healthcare support a thriving community? Healthcare truly has its hand on the pulse of a community.  Within a hospital, you can see not only where a community needs the most support, but also the true impact that healthcare workers make on those communities and individuals in them.  The healing that happens in a hospital doesn't stay within the walls, it spreads with each individual that it helps.  That is why a strong, multifaceted hospital like Baptist Health makes such an impact in Paducah and Western Kentucky.