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Andrew Parks, MD

Internal Medicine, Baptist Health Corbin

Education: Bellarmine University - BA in Business Administration, Biology, & Economics, Bellarmine University – MBA, UK COM – MD, and UK Internal Medicine Residency


Occupation: Baptist Health Corbin Hospitalist, Baptist Health Medical Group Market Medical Director, System Utilization Management Physician Advisor, and Epic Champion


Family: Andrew and his wife Kristin have three children: Jeff, Elise and Theo.


How was volunteerism encouraged in your family or community? It has always been encouraged in my family to give back and be involved in things that benefit the community.


How does healthcare support a thriving community? Healthcare is an integral part of a thriving community. A strong growing healthcare system is indicative of a growing population that inherently has medical needs as they age. In addition, a growing healthcare industry brings revenue and other industries to the community and brings high wage earners into the community who inherently pay taxes, live, and spend their money in that community.


How can gratitude help heal you spiritually, physically and emotionally? Expressing gratitude is good for the soul, a person should never delay gratitude.