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Debbie Tipton


Education: Completed a Master's Degree in Elementary Education at Cumberland College in 1984. Completed a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Union College in 1991.


Occupation: Retired Elementary Educator Corbin Independent Schools 2017


Family: Debbie and her husband Jeff have a daughter named Lauren and a son-in-law named Vance.


How was volunteerism encouraged in your family or community? Volunteerism has been encouraged in my family and community through our church and school activities. I have always been an active in church activities such as teaching Sunday school, working in VBS and singing in the choir. I enjoy helping out in the Corbin School System through tutoring and taking part where ever there is a need. Volunteerism helps build a strong community where we can all enjoy success.


How does healthcare support a thriving community? A strong Healthcare system such as Baptist Health Corbin provides much needed job opportunities for the community. Access to extraordinary Healthcare in our area is what keeps our community members on the fast track to achieving their goals.


How can gratitude help heal you spiritually, physically and emotionally? The ability to promote and provide gratitude not only benefits the one receiving it but also the giver. To feel appreciate, helps build self-esteem and gives a sense of worth. It is my opinion that both giving and receiving gratitude benefits all.