Kimberly Bunton photo

Kimberly Bunton

CEO and President, TKT & Associates, Inc.

Hometown: Louisville

Education: Kimberly holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky.

Community Support: Kimberly has held leadership positions with the National Women Elevating Women, the Downtown Family YMCA Board of Directors, the Women 4 Women Board of Directors and the Kentucky Housing Corporation.

Occupation: Kimberly serves as CEO and President of TKT & Associates, Inc.

Family: Kimberly has three children.

How was volunteerism encouraged in your family or community? There is no community without volunteerism. I come from a community of givers. We did not refer to our community activities (fundraising, hands on support, etc.) as “volunteerism,” it was simply being” neighborly” or “looking out” for each other. We innately did what was necessary to help elevate each other so the community could prosper and rallied around each other in a time of need. We were raised to give our time and talent without expectation of monetary return.

How does healthcare support a thriving community? A healthy community can focus on thriving instead of surviving. Community health, both mental and physical, is a powerful force that encourages growth, sustainability and belonging.

How is gratitude different than being thankful? Gratitude is a chosen long-term spiritual and psychological commitment to move and be positive about life. Gratitude gracefully accepts all of life’s circumstances and appreciates every opportunity to spread goodwill. Being thankful is usually associated with the reaction to something good or exciting happening. In practice, thankfulness can be temporary.