Debbie Sutherland Comley photo

Debbie Sutherland-Comley

Owner and Operator, Space Center Self Storage

Hometown: Lexington

Education: Debbie is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

Community Support: Debbie has worked with the Sunday School and Building Committee for Christ the King Church and has served on the Sayre School Board of Trustees.

Occupation: Owner and operator of Space Center Self Storage in Lexington

Family: Debbie is married to her husband Richard and has two children.

Why is volunteerism important to the wellbeing of the community? Being involved and volunteering makes us aware of all the hard work it takes from so many people to offer our community the services that we so often take for granted. It makes us aware of the goals and needs of our families and neighbors.

How do you hope healthcare grows in your community? There are so many aspects of healthcare but it is great to see more preventive care being offered. Patient education for wellness is more readily available.

How is gratitude different from being thankful? Thankfulness and gratitude are related feelings. Gratitude grows from recognizing what we are thankful for and it deepens to a sense of gratitude. Gratitude becomes a trait in our lives and a part of our makeup.