Kristi Lykins

Kristi Lykins

Co-owner of Farmer’s Jewelry; Chair of Hospital Administration Board

Hometown: Lexington

Education: Kristi holds a BA in Communications from the University of Kentucky.

Community Support: Kristi has served in leadership positions with the Lexington Christian Academy, Baptist Health Lexington’s Administrative Board of Directors and at her church. 

Occupation: Kristi is the co-owner of Farmer's Jewelry in Lexington.

Family: Kristi is married to her husband Brian and has two daughters.

How was volunteerism encouraged in your family or community? Being a part of a second generation family business that is 73 years old, my father emphasized to both my brother and I that it is very important to be involved, contribute and give back to the community that helps support your business. My father was very involved in the community, he always strongly encouraged me to volunteer within the community and set a good example for me to follow.

How do you hope healthcare grows in your community? As our city continues to grow, my hope is that access to quality healthcare will continue to expand so those seeking care will find care close to where they live and work and that patients will be able to schedule appointments with their physicians in a timely manner.

How is gratitude different than being thankful? To me, being thankful is being conscious of a benefit received, an acknowledgement that a kindness has been shown to you or a person you care about. However, gratitude is a readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness back to those that have shown kindness to you or your loved one. Being thankful is an emotion and being grateful is more of an action you take to purposely return the kindness you have received.