Mike Towles photo

Mike Towles

President, Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company; Vice Chair

Hometown: Lexington

Education: Mike is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

Community Support: Mike has worked with Lexington Catholic High School, Arbor Youth Services, the Associated General Contractors of Kentucky and has served as a youth sports coach.

Occupation: President of the Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Company

Family: Mike is married to his wife Mindy and has two children.

Why do you volunteer in the community? For me, coaching kids and teaching them the fundamentals of various sports while also imparting valuable life lessons has always been a rewarding experience. Growing up, I was blessed with wonderful parents and mentors who provided me with guidance and support. However, not all children are fortunate enough to receive the same level of care and attention. It has been my longtime passion to give back to the youth and be a positive influence in their lives. While I don't claim that my way is the best way, the values and lessons that I learned growing up have proven to be invaluable, and I wish to pass them on to the next generation.

In the same spirit, I am dedicated to channeling the same energy and passion I have for youth programs into the philanthropic endeavors of Baptist Health Foundation Lexington. Baptist Health Lexington has been a part of my life since birth, as both I and my siblings were born there. Even before I joined the organization, my business had a relationship with Baptist Health, and I found the people I worked with to be loyal, fair, and a pleasure to be around. Over time, I developed friendships with some of them through a positive business environment.

How do you hope healthcare grows in your community? Recently, I underwent shoulder surgery at Baptist Health Lexington and was able to experience their exceptional service mentality firsthand. The experience was incredibly positive, and it reinforced my belief in the quality of healthcare provided by Baptist Health. I hope that healthcare in our region continues to advance technologically, so we can continue to improve the quality of care. In comparison to 20 years ago, the type of surgery I underwent would have been significantly different due to the lack of technology and experience available.

I am optimistic about the healthcare industry's future and the potential for innovation and positive changes, such as the Da Vinci Surgical System and other practices embraced by Baptist Health over the years. It is my hope that the industry will continue to embrace these positive changes to provide the best possible care for patients.

Today, who or what are you most grateful for? I’m so grateful for my parents. I was unbelievably blessed with great parents.