Sammy Leslie photo

Sammy Leslie

Community Volunteer

Hometown: Lexington

Education: Samantha is a graduate of University of Kentucky, where she double majored in accounting and finance for her bachelor’s degree and earned master’s degree in accounting from the University. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

Community Support: Samantha has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters and March of Dimes.

Occupation: Samantha is currently a stay-at-home mother, taking care of her 16-month-old son.

Family: Samatha is married to her husband and has one son.  Daughter coming in the summer.

Why do you volunteer in the community? My family has been shown a great deal of kindness from strangers in our times of need, and my support for organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and March of Dimes is a way to return that kindness to the community. Volunteering has helped shape my view of the world around me and has helped in strengthening my faith.

What is the role that healthcare has played in your life or the lives of your family, friends or neighbors? The compassionate care I received at Baptist Health during a difficult time in my life motivated me to join the Foundation Board. My husband and I went through the heartbreak of two miscarriages, and during the first, I underwent D&C surgery. Due to COVID restrictions, my husband couldn't be with me during the second miscarriage. Throughout these trying times, the staff at Baptist Health were incredibly compassionate. They provided comfort and support by embracing me and offering to pray with me. These moments will always be cherished memories.

In addition, my son was born prematurely and spent two weeks in Baptist's NICU. The nurses and doctors treated us like family and provided exceptional care. The staff at Baptist reminded me that there are good people in the world and strengthened my faith. Every interaction with the staff made me feel like they genuinely cared, which is a testament to their faith-based service.

Today, who or what are you most grateful for? I am so grateful for my son and for my daughter, who is on the way. Becoming a parent has helped me to value and savor the little moments in life that I might have otherwise overlooked. After the challenges and difficulties my husband and I faced, we are both overwhelmed with gratitude and will always treasure the experience of parenthood.