Jeanne Walters

Renewed purpose with remission

When Jeanne Walters was in the middle of helping her husband, Tom, navigate his health struggles due to congestive heart failure, it was then that she discovered she had advanced cancer.

Jeanne’s battle with cancer dates back to early last year when she began experiencing labored breathing. The pair had just finished a very important cardiology appointment for her husband the day before when suddenly she was being escorted by ambulance to the Emergency Department. Initial scans showed that she had fluid in her right lung, and if that wasn’t alarming enough, her physician also discovered a mass roughly the size of an orange.

As treatment options were explored, Jeanne would learn that she was not a candidate for surgery due to her tumor being intertwined with her heart muscles. Her medical team was undeterred, shifting their focus to a regimen of chemotherapy and radiation. There were daily challenges such as rashes and constant dehydration, but her team was always quick to adjust so as to both minimize discomfort and ensure that she was receiving the care she needed.

“Because of my team of physicians at Baptist Health Hardin, I am now in remission,” said Jeanne.  “And, while I recognize that this may not be the end of my journey with cancer, as a person of faith, I believe that I’ve been given a renewed purpose. Simply put, there is still more that I can and need to do. This starts with sharing my story, which I hope not only inspires others to prioritize their health, but also moves them to show gratitude to the men and women who show up every day to help them be as healthy as they can be."