John O'Callaghan

Setting the new standard for customer service

John O'Callaghan - Baptist Health Foundation Lexington Impact StoryYou spend your life trying to find “the one.” Sometimes that can come in the form of a spouse or a child, and in John O’Callaghan’s case, those are true, but it also came in the form of a physician. As a relatively healthy and active 54-year-old, he was thrown for a loop when he developed persistent atrial fibrillation (a-fib).

When he came to Baptist Health Lexington and Dr. Gery Tomassoni, he had tried blood thinners, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and cardioversions. John had been searching for the right fit and for a physician that wouldn’t just go “by the book” but who would listen to what he wanted as his course of treatment.

“Dr. Tomassoni was the right doctor for me,” said John. “He helped me to get out of hospitals and get back to living my life with my wife and children and ensuring I could continue to run my business. This patient-focused treatment allowed me to have the procedure I desired without having to have multiple others to get there. The genuine, transparent approach I encountered at Baptist Health allowed me to begin living again and set the new standard for customer service that I am upholding in my personal business.”