John Casconi

Experienced care that asks the right questions

John Casconi - Baptist Health Foundation Louisville Impact Story“I’m going to save your life.” These were the last words that John Casconi remembered as he was being rushed into the Emergency Department and informed that he was having a heart attack. He happened to bump into Dr. Bill Dillon, the doctor that would find a 99 percent blockage in the “widow maker” artery and put a stent in his heart, right before he lost consciousness. 

John has always known his family has a long history of stroke and heart attacks, but it wasn’t until he found that he couldn’t grip his pen during a meeting at work that he found his name added to that list. He had been struggling to catch his breath for the last 24 hours and had credited it to being out of shape until he lost the ability to use the full mobility of his hand. He called his personal physician and they told him, “If you’re going to have a heart attack, the place to do it is Baptist Health.”

“It has been eight years since I found myself on an operating table, and I truly believe that the doctors and staff at Baptist Health saved my life,” said John. “They asked me the right questions, they identified the problem and they immediately set to work to fix it so I could still be here for my family and so history wouldn’t repeat itself.”