Jason and Skylar

The right choice for navigating new terrain

Jason Skylar - Baptist Health Foundation Richmond Impact StoryThere is no textbook on how you parent a child. When you begin to notice subtle changes that ignite even the smallest spark of worry, you try to fix it. When you realize you don’t have the answers, you try to find someone who does. That is how Jason ended up at Baptist Health Richmond to seek treatment with his daughter, Skylar.

“Mental health can be a delicate subject, when it is the mental health of a child it is even more difficult,” said Jason. “You want to make sure as a parent you are providing them with the tools they need to have a healthy mind and body. Taking my daughter to receive treatment was scary, I wasn’t sure if that was the correct next step for us. After our first talk with the doctors at Baptist Health Richmond and watching the way they interacted with my child, I knew that I made the right choice and that they were going to help us navigate this new terrain.”

Through regular appointments, Skylar’s physician was able to help her and to help Jason into the fold so he understood what she was going through even when she wasn’t sitting in a doctor’s office. Baptist Health Richmond enabled Skylar to handle he anxiety and empower Jason to support a child struggling with mental illness.