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Looking ahead now so that we can address challenges and transform healthcare for our patients and for this very community.

Incredible Impact

When anchor institutions like hospitals invest in ambitious projects, the impact they make for their communities is immeasurable. This impact is economic — they create jobs. The impact is cultural — they ensure a quality and way of life today and far into the future. The impact is personal — projects like this change and save lives unlike anywhere else. Leaders at Baptist Health Corbin are coming together with their communities to transform healthcare.

Baptist Health Corbin Hospital


As not-for-profit community hospital, the needs of our community come first. This project is a direct result of analyzing those needs and prioritizing the most efficient and effective road forward.


  • Comprehensive Cancer Care
  • Nursing Excellence 
  • Mission Advancement
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- [Dr. Brynes] I think people might be surprised to
learn of kind of what we have here in our own backyard.

I always say that I drive up and down the highway
because I don't want our patients to have to do it.

I've found that this community is full of kind,
warm, caring, hardworking, salt-of-the-earth people.

And it's just a wonderful group
to work with and work for.

- [Geoff] There's a group of people who are embedded
in the community, who've been either born or moved here

and raising their family here.

You know, I think that's one advantage that
I think you see with Baptist Health Corbin.

- [Woman] I just love everybody here
and you can tell they love their jobs.

They love caring for people.

And the compassion that they have cannot be faked.

Cancer puts a spin on things.

You don't think about your end
date until you hear those words.

There, for a while, I thought my
end date is sooner than I thought it was,

but I don't think that now because
Baptist Health Corbin was here.

We decided, before I even had my first chemo treatment,
that eventually, when I had my double mastectomy,

I would also have a hysterectomy.

I'm so fortunate that my chemo and then my surgeries
lined up that I got to be one of the early patients

in Baptist Radiation Department.

- We've worked over time to build our services.

The latest was the addition of our radiation suite
which has, you know, just been wonderful to have,

you know, in terms of being
able to deliver really top-notch care.

- Knowing that I had top-notch people
who were making sure I got treatment,

exactly where it needed to go to kill
whatever cancer might have been left,

brought me more peace of
mind than I could ever explain.

- [Anthony] Living here all my life,
it's just really a dream come true to have

this level of service here in Corbin to really
support our community and our patients' needs.

The community in our general tri-county area is
so supportive of our hospital and our patients.

And if they see a need, they really
roll up their sleeves, jump in with time,

resources, money, whatever they
can do to help to make that a reality.

- [Sky] Perry had just turned 5.

It was his birthday on December 3rd.

Until you live through it,
you don't quite realize how quickly

somebody's condition can deteriorate.

You know, you can have a child who, literally,
the day before was just running around, rambunctious,

full of energy to literally, like, 14 hours later,
completely listless, working really hard to breathe.

- And so we got prescription for prednisone,
we decided, if he gets this dose in the morning

and we don't see any response,
we're taking him into the emergency room

because, I mean, we have had
a lot of experience with prednisone.

And so we know what it should
look like, once you get it, if you're sick.

- We weren't seeing the kind
of response that we wanted.

And I just remember thinking
in my head like this is so urgent.

When I get to the emergency room,
we're just going to need immediate help.

The doctor came and saw us right away.

She saw his oxygen levels and
immediately she's like, "Here's the plan.

We're going to need to transfer him quickly.

And while we're working on this transfer,
we are going to do all the testing we can

so once he's at the bigger regional hospital,
they'll have all the information they might need."

But the whole time we were there and the whole time
in the transport, he just kept on needing more and more

and more oxygen.

Within 10 minutes of him being admitted
to the hospital, he had a lung collapse.

The team in Corbin acted so quickly.

He was in the place he needed to
be when he, you know, basically coded.

- It's so important to me that every service we
have here is top-notch and the highest quality

because it could really be one of my family
members receiving that care today or tomorrow.

Our emergency department now is about
35 years old since its last major renovation.

It was built for a census of about 30,000 a year.

And now we're up over 40,000 visits per year.

- When we have something so central to the community,
I think we have to remember that part of our job

as a community is to contribute back to that.

- This philanthropic campaign to redesign
and expand capacity of that emergency room

literally is going to save lives.

Like, no doubt about it.

- When those big changes in life happen,
it's literally what keeps us alive,

what keeps us connected to our family.

I mean, it's the reason I have a 7-year-old today.

- My husband and my kids are my life.

And I knew that before I had cancer.

But having that pause in my life
makes this season that much richer

and I'm here because everybody
at Baptist Health Corbin kept me alive.

♪ [music] ♪
Letter from the President
Baptist Health Corbin

Dear friend,

Now more than ever, healthcare is facing unprecedented changes. The rapid pace of technological advancements, the ever evolving ways in which we deliver care and the rising costs of that care are interests that we all share – as an organization, as caregivers, as patients, as a community. At Baptist Health Corbin, we are looking ahead now so that we can address challenges and transform healthcare for our patients and for this very community.

We are forging ahead with ambitious philanthropy goals to enhance our ability to provide more access to care, support advancements and innovations and to ensure the patient experience is at the center of it all. This campaign will remove the need for cancer patients to travel for treatment, help keep mothers and their newborns together, provide relief to an overcrowded emergency department, provide critical care beds to our community and it may possibly even change the way we think about health care. We are excited for what this means to our community. These advancements ensure we have access to comprehensive and outstanding care.

It is through partnership with you, our community, and together as one that we can make the most impact. The success of these shared efforts will make it possible for us to move Onward as One.

Thank you for your consideration of a partnership with us to reimagine healthcare and transform our futures.

In gratitude,

Anthony Powers
President, Baptist Health Corbin

Access Innovation

  • Access Matters


    When life becomes unpredictable, the comfort in knowing help is nearby fills us with hope. Communities exist for this very reason, and so do community hospitals. However, real hope goes beyond proximity, it’s about people, it’s about the ability to pay and it’s about the highest level of care possible. Access to care is about everyone, every time.
  • Experiences are Personal

    Perhaps nothing is as personal as our health. Here we wrestle with all that we believe. We face emotional extremes, doubts, fears and even joy. When loved ones are facing a health crisis—action is taken to soothe and comfort their experience. It’s what makes us human. Healthcare is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. Healing environments change experiences and they change outcomes.
  • Innovation Saves Lives


    Imagination and inspiration are real. They exist because problems exist. In healthcare, when breakthrough ideas produce breakthrough technologies, it’s a responsibility to ensure they’re available in our communities. Being given the best possible chance cannot be left up to chance, it must be tenaciously pursued.

“Living here all my life, it’s just really a dream come true to have this level of service here in Corbin to really support our community and our patient’s needs. The community in our general tri-county area are so supportive of our hospital and our patients. And if they see a need, they really roll up their sleeves, jump in with time, resources, money, whatever they can do to help make that a reality."

Anthony Powers, President | Baptist Health Corbin

Onward as One: Reimagining Health Together

Please consider partnering with us through the power of your advocacy and philanthropy. For information on how to donate, click the link below. You may also give us a call if you have questions.