Baptist Health Richmond

It is the commitment of our hospital leadership, physicians and staff to put patients’ first and to care for them like we would care for our own family member.

Incredible Impact

When anchor institutions like hospitals invest in ambitious projects, the impact they make for their communities is immeasurable. This impact is economic — they create jobs. The impact is cultural — they ensure a quality and way of life today and far into the future. The impact is personal — projects like this change and save lives unlike anywhere else. Leaders at Baptist Health Richmond are coming together with their communities to transform healthcare.

Pillars of the Campaign

As a not-for-profit community hospital, the needs of our community come first. These projects are a direct result of analyzing those needs and prioritizing the most efficient and effective road forward.

Project Vision

  • Thrive Center for Behavioral Health and Clinical Decision Unit
  • Cancer Center Relocation and Expansion
  • Mission Advancement
  • Nursing Excellence
  • Primary Care Expansion
  • Intensive Care Unit Renovation
Town of Richmond, Kentucky

Onward as One

Baptist Health Richmond is on a special journey. Learn how we are transforming lives in the community, focusing on mental health and cancer services. Listen as our patients tell their stories.

Partner With Us
Letter from the President
Baptist Health Richmond

Greg Gerard

Dear friend,

Since our founding in 1892 by 50 courageous and compassionate women, we have collaborated with our community to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Moreover, since that time, we have experienced remarkable growth and change, including the partnership with Baptist Health in 2012. Since then we have continued to work together to bring faith-based, high-quality healthcare to our region.

As the decades have passed, our services have grown, our buildings have expanded, and our technology has advanced to meet the changing health needs of our community.

With all that has changed, our caregivers have remained true to our mission to demonstrate the love of Christ — in very real and personal ways. Through it all, you have believed in us, entrusting us with one of your and your family’s most precious assets — your health.

We take that trust seriously, promising back to you the highest quality and clinical expertise, the latest technology, and the best patient experience we can provide.

Everyone knows about the changes in our world and in healthcare these days. There seems to be a new headline every day, and outside forces beyond our control affect the bottom line. However, that does not change our mission; it simply means the need for private support from our community is greater than ever.


When you call on us — to bring a new life into this world, to provide care for a frail loved one, or because you are in the fight of your life against disease — Christ calls us to minister at our best (“…to the least of these, my brethren.” Matthew 25:40). It is the commitment of our hospital leadership, physicians and staff to put patients first and to care for you like we would care for our own family members.

We thank you for considering how you may partner with us to advance healthcare for those we are privileged to serve.

Greg D. Gerard
President, Baptist Health Richmond

Access Innovation

  • Access Matters


    When life becomes unpredictable, the comfort in knowing help is nearby fills us with hope. Communities exist for this very reason, and so do community hospitals. However, real hope goes beyond proximity, it’s about people, it’s about the ability to pay and it’s about the highest level of care possible. Access to care is about everyone, every time.
  • Experiences are Personal

    Perhaps nothing is as personal as our health. Here we wrestle with all that we believe. We face emotional extremes, doubts, fears and even joy. When loved ones are facing a health crisis—action is taken to soothe and comfort their experience. It’s what makes us human. Healthcare is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. Healing environments change experiences and they change outcomes.
  • Innovation Saves Lives


    Imagination and inspiration are real. They exist because problems exist. In healthcare, when breakthrough ideas produce breakthrough technologies, it’s a responsibility to ensure they’re available in our communities. Being given the best possible chance cannot be left up to chance, it must be tenaciously pursued.

"The needs of our community could not be more clear. This is our opportunity to come together to share in a vision and purpose like never before. Together, through our actions we can reshape healthcare.”

Greg D. Gerard, President, Baptist Health Richmond

Onward as One: Reimagining Health Together

Please consider partnering with us through the power of your advocacy and philanthropy. For information on how to donate, click the link below. You may also give us a call if you have questions.