Onward as One at Baptist Health

Healthcare philanthropy is truly special. Here, gifts change lives. Here, we change the future.

Coming Together for a Cause

Baptist Health is the largest not-for-profit health system in Kentucky, serving nine unique and diverse communities with more than 300 points of care. For the first time in our nearly century-old existence, we are coming together with our communities to create partnerships, unify health causes and reimagine our shared future. Overnight, healthcare and philanthropy have become the business of everyone. Please continue with us on the journey to change lives in your community


Imagination and inspiration exist because problems exist. When breakthrough ideas produce breakthrough technologies, it’s our responsibility as healthcare providers to ensure they’re available in our communities. Access to the best possible care cannot be left up to chance. It must be tenaciously pursued.


When life becomes unpredictable, there’s comfort and hope in knowing help is nearby. Communities exist for this very reason, and so do community hospitals. However, real hope goes beyond proximity. It’s about people. It’s about the ability to pay and it’s about the highest level of care possible. Access to care is about everyone, every time.


Perhaps nothing is as personal as our health. We face emotional extremes, doubts, fears and even joy. When loved ones are facing a health crisis, action is taken to soothe and comfort their experience. It’s what makes us human. Healthcare is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. Healing environments change patient experiences and patient outcomes.

The Mission of our Foundation

Delivering high-quality, compassionate clinical care in the communities we serve. Learn how Onward as One furthers our mission. 

About Baptist Health
By the Numbers

Our Mission

To demonstrate the love of Christ by providing and coordinating care and improving health in our communities.

  • Licensed Beds: 2,777
  • Inpatients: 103,854
  • Outpatients: 1.7 Million
  • Emergency Room Visits: 366,729
  • Open Heart Surgeries: 1,366
  • Health Improvements, Education and Research: $14.2 Million
  • Subsidized Health Services: $12.9 Million
  • Medicaid Costs Not Reimbursed: $45.2 Million
  • Charity Care for Those Unable to Pay: $106.1 Million
BH System Service Rank
*Volume indicates ratio of services at Baptist Health in comparison to other healthcare providers throughout Kentucky.

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Learn about the renovations, expansions and new builds that are underway across the System.

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