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Something special happens inside of us when we pause and recognize human kindness. Our faith returns stronger than ever. Courage and determination find new ways to inspire others and even ourselves.

Incredible Impact

When anchor institutions like hospitals invest in ambitious projects, the impact they make for their communities is immeasurable. This impact is economic — they create jobs. The impact is cultural — they ensure a quality and way of life today and far into the future. The impact is personal — projects like this change and save lives unlike anywhere else. Under combined leadership, Baptist Health Louisville and Baptist Health La Grange are coming together with their communities to transform healthcare.   

photo of BH Lou and La Grange hospitals


As not-for-profit community hospitals, the needs of our community come first. This project is a direct result of analyzing those needs and prioritizing the most efficient and effective road forward.


  • Cardiology: These programs are a response to the growing demands of both the complexity and volume in heart procedures in our area.
  • Oncology: Treating the whole patient, not just the disease requires constant investment in both technology and people.
  • Orthopedics: Advancements in orthopedics provide quality of life for young and old alike. Investments in the Orthopedic Center will contribute to a much needed expansion project.
  • Nursing: Investment in this Center for Nursing Excellence will ensure our nurses are trained and supported to handle growing complexities in our community.
  • Neurosciences: Investments here enable patients to be diagnosed and treated in a single location. The benefits include: convenience, improved safety and reduced costs.

La Grange

New Baptist Health campus in Oldham County

The Crestwood campus, located off Exit 14 at Interstate 71 and Kentucky 329 in the Clore Station development, will include a hospital with inpatient and surgical services and a healthcare community focused on bringing wellness services to Oldham County. Clore Station is a walkable retail, commercial, hospitality and residential area developed by the Clore and Jones families of Oldham County, who have owned the property since 1808.

Baptist Health's commitment to the region

Baptist Health currently operates the only hospital in Oldham County, Baptist Health La Grange, which serves residents in Oldham, Henry, Trimble, Carroll and Shelby counties. In addition to the new hospital and healthcare community in the Crestwood area, Baptist Health will also reimagine services for the future of the La Grange campus. Investing in both locations allows for growth and increased access to healthcare for all patients along the Interstate 71 corridor.

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♪ [music] ♪

- [Vicky] A community is only as strong as its people.

- [Mary] The community is my family and my friends,

and so I want the best for the
people that I love and care about.

Baptist is, for me, a priority.

- [Larry] I am so fortunate to be part of an
organization that stands strong in those commitments

to being patient-centered and patient-focused
and to care for the whole patient.

- [John] Almost everybody in my
family, on both sides of the family,

dies of either a heart attack or a stroke.

So I was working in the yard and I was
walking down the driveway with these bags,

and I was stopping literally every 10, 15 seconds
thinking, "Oh my God, I'm so out of shape.

I can't breathe at all.

This is ridiculous."

Woke up in the morning, I still didn't feel
well but took a shower, went to work.

And then about 11:30, I was with the client,
and I noticed that I couldn't hold the pen in my hand

and I broke out in a cold sweat.

I called my personal physician and he said,
"If you're going to have a heart attack,

the place to go is Baptist."

I talked to the nurse at triage.

She asked me these, in my life, the most significant
question, "Has anybody in your family ever died

before 50 years of age?"

And I said, "My father died at 36."

"What did he die of?"

And I said , "I'm not sure,
but he probably had a heart attack."

Well, that was like, not the thing to say.

And when I said it, all of a sudden, I was on a gurney.

They had my shirt ripped open and
they were giving me an EKG.

The next thing I know, I'm talking to Dr. Dillon,
and Dr. Dillon is telling me that I probably had

a heart attack and he was
going to put a stent in my heart.

From what I understand now,
I had like 99% blockage in my LAD,

which is also known as the widowmaker.

The other thing which I think really helped was
that after I had the heart attack, I went on a...

I want to say the 8 to 12-week program
at Baptist, in the cardiac rehab center.

It's been eight years now, and I truly believe
that Baptist, and the doctors and nurses at Baptist,

saved my life.

- I had no idea there was
anything going on with my hip.

I thought it was my sciatic nerve.

Of course, the MRI showed
missing cartilage in that hip joint.

Thank goodness that there are trained people
and that Baptist cares about you as a person.

I'm a baby boomer and we love our independence.

So that was a wonderful feeling
to be able to drive after surgery.

And that's the nice thing is just being able to get
back in your social routine, your living routine.

You see this smile?

It's nice to be able to smile.

You can smile when you are feeling good.

And I'm feeling good.

- [Ramsey] The recognition Baptist Health
Louisville receives over the past 10-plus years,

that doesn't happen by chance.

It is because a very dedicated team of individuals,
of different departments doing the best they can

in order to keep that
institution at that highest level.

They ensuring the safety of our patient and
that is really the most important part for me.

- I came to Baptist Health in 2019.

My father had been diagnosed with cancer.

He was being treated here.

The first time that the hospice nurse
came in, he took it pretty hard.

Afterward, his nurse came in.

She kneel down and took his hand.

And she just...she prayed for him.

I knew Baptist was the place I wanted to come work.

The Nursing Center of Excellence is
a huge part of continuing education.

- In healthcare, you have to do continuous education
constantly so everybody is able to deliver the highest

level of care to our patient, which they deserve.

- With all of our technology and all of
our growth, it is still about the patient.

Through philanthropic partnerships,
through the engagement of our community,

we can really place healthcare where it belongs,
as an integrated part of our daily lives,

as we work together to create healthier communities.

- You know, I have less time
ahead of me than I do behind me.

And that's what I'm looking at.

I want to see my grandchildren graduate, get married.

If I can help Baptist expand their footprint in
the community and expand to do more research,

why not do it?

The same way they helped me and helped
my family, they could help somebody else's family.

- You are serving everybody around you
by making sure they are getting access

to a premier and outstanding institution.

It is a no-brainer.

Our job is to remind people, when you're happy,
when you're content, think of others.

♪ [music] ♪
Letter from the President
Baptist Health Louisville

Jonathan A Velez MD

Dear friend,

Baptist Health was started as an act of philanthropic good will in 1924. Donors, volunteers, and churches organized to raise money and bring our work to life, so that in turn, we could give life back to people in need. The goal was to see the very best healthcare available to residents of the Kentuckiana region.

Almost a century later, we are returning to our roots, asking the community to come alongside us, and join us in taking healthcare to a new level of excellence. As the decades have passed, our services have grown, our buildings have expanded and our technology has advanced to meet the changing health needs of this region. We are now planning a new level of investment within our facilities, making access to the best care available to those whom we serve.

With all that has changed, we have remained true to our original mission: to demonstrate the love of Christ in a very real and personal way. Through it all, you have trusted us with your most precious asset – your health. We are grateful for that.

Jonathan Velez, MD
President, Baptist Health Louisville

Letter from the President
Baptist Health La Grange

Clint Kaho

Dear friend,

Healthcare is a noble calling; an opportunity to provide for our neighbors, friends and loved-ones a truly remarkable, life-changing experience. Baptist Health La Grange, with our faith-based, community-driven mission, has long been counted on to provide access to excellent care in a time of crisis. Recent events have highlighted the importance of this mission and the need for outstanding care, right here in Oldham County.

But to serve our community in the way it deserves, we must increasingly rely on local partnerships and community support to grow and advance our service lines. The campaign discussed here entrusts all of us with the mission of making the very best care available where we call home.

The campaign that we are embarking on will revitalize, renovate and reimagine what the next decade of healthcare will bring to Oldham, Trimble, Carroll and Henry counties. We hope that you will join us in this work.

Clint Kaho
President, Baptist Health La Grange

Access Innovation

  • Access Matters


    When life becomes unpredictable, the comfort in knowing help is nearby fills us with hope. Communities exist for this very reason, and so do community hospitals. However, real hope goes beyond proximity, it’s about people, it’s about the ability to pay and it’s about the highest level of care possible. Access to care is about everyone, every time.
  • Experiences are Personal

    Perhaps nothing is as personal as our health. Here we wrestle with all that we believe. We face emotional extremes, doubts, fears and even joy. When loved ones are facing a health crisis—action is taken to soothe and comfort their experience. It’s what makes us human. Healthcare is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. Healing environments change experiences and they change outcomes.
  • Innovation Saves Lives


    Imagination and inspiration are real. They exist because problems exist. In healthcare, when breakthrough ideas produce breakthrough technologies, it’s a responsibility to ensure they’re available in our communities. Being given the best possible chance cannot be left up to chance, it must be tenaciously pursued.

Onward as One: Reimagining Health Together

Please consider partnering with us through the power of your advocacy and philanthropy. For information on how to donate, click the link below. You may also give us a call if you have questions.