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Why This Project, Why Now?

When anchor institutions like hospitals invest in their communities, the impact they make is immeasurable. The impact is economic — it creates jobs. The impact is cultural — it ensures a quality and way of life today and far into the future. The impact is personal — real lives are saved.

We live in a portion of Kentucky with a rapidly growing population. We also live in a portion of Kentucky with a disproportionate amount of heart disease, cancer, smoking, obesity, and other major health concerns. Our region’s aging population creates an urgent need for more physicians and specialists.

Growth in future years will continue on an even faster trajectory, with projections showing an average expected growth of 19% in Hardin’s primary market and 5.7% in secondary markets.

A $225.6-million investment by Baptist Health.

To adequately care for our growing number of patients, plans call for the construction of a 282,000-square-foot outpatient medical pavilion unlike any in central Kentucky.

This new health campus will provide patients with a comprehensive cancer center, innovative surgical suites, a hybrid operating room with special equipment and room for expansion, and cardiac cath labs.

For the first time, Baptist Health Hardin will also provide patients and their families with many benefits focused on emotional and spiritual healing and unique places to gather.

Letter from the President
Baptist Health Hardin

Rob Ramey | Baptist Health Hardin President

The Baptist Health Hardin Medical Pavilion will include a new comprehensive cancer care center with all services under one roof and patient amenities that rival those in metropolitan cancer centers.

The building will allow multiple specialists to practice in one location, give us our first true medical office building, and more space for outpatient medical visits and specialist collaboration.

Finally, we will construct innovative surgical suites with equipment that will help us attract the top specialists and heal patients faster. For example, the new hybrid operating room means patients will receive faster, safer, more precise and minimally invasive surgical care that enables them to return home without the need for overnight care or prolonged recovery times.

Together, we can take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to make Baptist Health Hardin and the new outpatient medical pavilion spectacular. Please learn more about philanthropic opportunities and consider investing in our future.

In gratitude,
Robert Ramey
President | Baptist Health Hardin

Smiling patient


Smiling male patient


main lobby rendering


Chapel view rendering


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Second view of main lobby rendering


Constructed in phases, the pavilion will offer patients a new comprehensive cancer center with complete patient benefits, including radiation oncology and hematology and oncology housed together for the first time. The medical pavilion includes space for many new physicians and specialists, innovative surgical suites, four cardiac cath labs, and a hybrid operating room with specialized equipment. Maybe even more importantly, the facility will offer patients and their families benefits focused on emotional and spiritual healing.

A New Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sadly, few families dodge the devastating impact of cancer. Troubling trends indicate that the battle against cancer in our region is becoming more intense. While these realities cannot be changed, how we prevent, diagnose, treat and rally behind central Kentucky families can be changed. This new 40,000-square-foot facility will provide comprehensive cancer services under one roof for the first time.

This means that a patient’s care team will treat them side by side and close to home. It means families have access to the most innovative procedures and treatment options.

This cancer care center will improve workflow, collaboration and reaction times for physicians and nurses. While the benefits of this facility stand on their own, another truth exists.

The current location for cancer care at Baptist Health Hardin will not allow us to keep recruiting top specialists to expand diagnostic services or keep up with growing patient needs and demand.


  • Convenient one-stop access near the main campus for the 1,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients treated annually and for those continuing treatments.
  • Ability to add more patient benefits in one location.

"We’re getting better, so more and more
we offer either a cure or long-term
survival. Even the people we can’t cure,
we can often make their lives better,
which is a very rewarding part of the job.”

— Donald Goodin, MD Medical Director | Baptist Health Medical Group Hematology & Oncology

Medical Office Facility

With over 100,000 square feet, this new facility provides families with access to education, preadmission testing, rehabilitation and retail services that encourage a proactive and health-forward lifestyle.

This facility will also house general surgery, hyperbaric medicine, urology, a cardiology program and more. Simply put, patients and families can receive care from more than 500 physicians in one location for easier patient access and consultations.

It will also improve Baptist Health Hardin’s ability to expand and aggressively recruit and retain even more of the very best talent. This is a place where a modern environment and advanced equipment will match its unequaled level of compassion and care. Perhaps most importantly, this will be a place within easy reach for over 10% of Kentucky’s population.

Patient Benefits - Spiritual and Emotional Healing

In healthcare settings, tough decisions happen around the clock. Those decisions are made by physicians and nurses, and by patients or their families. In these moments when clarity is critical, families need fresh air, a place to pray, a private bench, a peaceful garden, or a moment to reflect without distraction. Donors can help add special features in this new space that put the human spirit at the center of focus including:

  • A chapel
  • A cafe
  • Local and Kentucky art
  • A resource center
  • A healing garden
  • Retail space
  • Multiple gathering spaces
  • Valet parking
  • And much, much more

New Surgery Suites, Including a Hybrid Operating Room and Four Cardiac Cath Labs

Attached to the new medical office facility, this 50,000-square-foot space will provide inpatient and outpatient conveniences. Dramatically larger surgery suites will accommodate newer robotic equipment and combine imaging and surgery in the same room. This not only improves patient safety and patient outcomes, but also increases the ability to perform more complex surgeries.

The region’s first high-tech operating suites with advanced equipment and resources will help Baptist Health Hardin improve and increase surgeon recruitment and retention so patients can receive high quality care close to home.

Access Innovation

  • Access Matters


    When life becomes unpredictable, the comfort in knowing help is nearby fills us with hope. Communities exist for this very reason, and so do community hospitals. However, real hope goes beyond proximity, it’s about people, it’s about the ability to pay and it’s about the highest level of care possible. Access to care is about everyone, every time.
  • Experiences are Personal

    Perhaps nothing is as personal as our health. Here we wrestle with all that we believe. We face emotional extremes, doubts, fears and even joy. When loved ones are facing a health crisis—action is taken to soothe and comfort their experience. It’s what makes us human. Healthcare is as much mental and spiritual as it is physical. Healing environments change experiences and they change outcomes.
  • Innovation Saves Lives


    Imagination and inspiration are real. They exist because problems exist. In healthcare, when breakthrough ideas produce breakthrough technologies, it’s a responsibility to ensure they’re available in our communities. Being given the best possible chance cannot be left up to chance, it must be tenaciously pursued.

Onward as One: Reimagining Health Together

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