Baptist Health Richmond Cancer Center

Accessible Cancer Care for Madison County Residents

Treating the whole patient, not just the disease, is our approach to providing the most compassionate, effective cancer care. This pursuit is at the forefront of our efforts here at Baptist Health Richmond. Your family’s ability to access personalized care with the privacy, convenience and dignity you deserve is our priority. This campaign will forever change the battle against cancer in our community. Cancer care of the future at Baptist Health Richmond will include:

  • A renovated space with the patient experience in mind at every step of the design process. This space features a serene and restorative healing atmosphere with calming aesthetics.
  • Additional treatment spaces, including consultation rooms for specialty services, private treatment and infusion rooms and infusion chairs, allowing us to accommodate more patients while reducing the wait time for life-changing and lifesaving services.
  • An environment dedicated to helping patients navigate the journey from diagnosis and treatment to survivorship, including programs that allow patients to enhance their quality of life — often leading to improved outcomes.

Enhanced Patient Experience

The new cancer center space will offer a healing and restorative environment for our patients and their families to seek care and support. With therapeutic artwork and calming finishes, we aim to provide a warm, tranquil atmosphere designed to decrease anxiety and worry. Additionally, with a variety of communal and private spaces, we can accommodate the varying preferences of our patients. We will increase our number of heated, reclining infusion chairs to 16 and, instead of one shared treatment space, there will be six private treatment rooms. For those patients who have longer treatments or who need to manage cancer therapy side effects, they will have an additional private bay with a transportable bed. The new space will include a consultation room, where patients and their families can privately connect with a nurse navigator, social worker, nutritional specialist, or palliative care specialist.

Complementary Therapies and Services

We want to have the space and ability to add future complementary therapies that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing the healing process. It is our hope that programmatic support can make it possible for us to serve a patient’s comprehensive needs — physical, behavioral and spiritual — through therapies and services that support the whole person and the journey of healing.

Increased Accessibility

The new cancer center is located on the ground floor, eliminating the need to use stairs or an elevator, and is conveniently located just inside the South Entrance to Baptist Health Richmond. This location provides portico drop-off and proximate parking, providing easy access to the hospital.

With the center located adjacent to the pharmacy, across from the laboratory, and just down the hall from imaging, patients will have quick access to services critical to their care. Furthermore, the new location will allow us to embed services within the center, while providing new curbside conveniences designed to better serve our patients and their families. In keeping with our commitment to increased accessibility and compassionate care, Baptist Health Richmond aspires to address the transportation challenges of our patient population. Daily, we see patients who struggle to access the care they need due to lack of transportation. We aim to remove this barrier so that all patients have access to care, healing and recovery.