Thrive Center for Behavioral Health: Healing from the Inside Out

Identifying the Problem

In the U.S., 1 in 5 adults live with a behavioral health condition. Behavioral health conditions contribute to a large number of preventable deaths by suicide and drug overdose. Behavioral health is a critical piece of our overall wellness. Our society is experiencing a significant increase in the rate of depression and anxiety. Behavioral health influences health outcomes in individuals, families and communities. To successfully promote wellness, we must provide behavioral health treatment within our own community.

Being a Part of the Solution

With a vision rooted in the belief that behavioral health is equally as important as physical health, Baptist Health Richmond will deliver compassionate, personalized care to support our patients’ ability to thrive, not just survive.

This campaign will allow our facility and staff to be proactive agents for change through the addition of the Thrive Center at Baptist Health Richmond, which includes:

  • Expansion of treatment spaces, including the creation of an inpatient space for individuals from local and surrounding communities.
  • Partnership with the emergency department to create a dedicated space to care for individuals with behavioral health concerns and encourage the use of the emergency department for immediate behavioral health needs.
  • Delivery of a wide variety of expanded services, including inpatient care, intensive outpatient services, outpatient medication management, outpatient therapy, and access to 24/7 patient evaluation, without stigma.

Setting the Bar for Care in Southeastern Kentucky

To provide quality care successfully, it is best to provide a wide spectrum of care with continuity. Baptist Health Richmond will be the leading provider in the area, meeting the behavioral health needs of a community that currently lacks the necessary resources to make behavioral health more accessible. Baptist Health Richmond strives to be at the forefront of change that has the ability to touch countless lives.


  • Allows patients to receive care within their community.
  • Behavioral health professionals work collaboratively to deliver effective, efficient and meaningful care.
  • Reduces barriers to patient care, making behavioral health more accessible.
  • Provides a proactive solution that supports a cultural shift, increasing conversation and awareness to reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health.