Cancer: A Disease That Doesn't Discriminate

Expanding our Impact Now and for the Future

Odds are, you know or are related to someone who has or has had cancer. Cancer does not discriminate based on age, religion, gender or any number of other factors. High quality oncology care is essential to surviving a cancer diagnosis. In 2017, through donor support, Baptist Health Paducah built a new comprehensive cancer center to support its cancer program, the only accredited cancer program in our region. Baptist Health Paducah has been a Commission on Cancer accredited cancer program since 2001 and was the first American College of Radiology accredited program in Kentucky in 1998. In 2017, around 80-90 patients were being seen daily. Today, that number has increased to an average of more than 150 patients per day.

The incredible physicians and nurses who toe the front line against cancer care in our community now need us to step into the gap as the face of medicine continues to evolve. By using the shell-space already available for an additional expansion project, we can propel our program to the next level.

Infusing Change into our Community

Baptist Health Paducah aims to meet the needs of even more patients who need critical treatment associated with a cancer diagnosis. With the proposed expansion of our oncology space, this project would allow for:

  • Ability to serve more patients.
  • Purchase of a new linear accelerator.
  • Expansion of our infusion center, allowing for the recruitment of additional oncologists to better meet our community’s urgent needs.
  • Increased convenience for patients by having all providers in one location.
  • Expansion of department footprint to add four exam rooms, office space, infusion stations and registration space.

“We are the region’s only cancer center where patients can get all their care in one location. We want to increase the capacity of our center so that we can bring this level of care to even more individuals. Our hope is that we can provide treatment to anyone who needs it while allowing them to have the comfort and peace of being in their own community. The people needing these treatments are our neighbors, friends and family members. We aim to provide them with the highest quality of care and ensure they know their community extends inside the doors of our facility.”

Kim Brown, Outpatient Chemo Supervisor | Baptist Health Paducah