Fund for Nursing Excellence

Nurses are at the center of our healthcare experience. Time and time again, nurses serve as an example of compassion, collaboration and joy, caring and advocating for patients and their loved ones. Awards are not won by institutions—they’re won by people. The Fund for Nursing Excellence supports these nurses through funding for their education, research and equipment. In-turn, they can provide world-class experiences for us all.

Nursing Professional Development

Donations to this fund will enable nurses to attend professional development programs, pursue professional certification, provide funding for speakers to bring education on site, and other activities to advance the knowledge of the Baptist Health Paducah nursing staff and leaders.

Recognition of Nurses for Exemplary Practice

Donations to this fund will be used to acknowledge and recognize nurses and nursing teams with awards and recognition. Throughout the year, patients and their loved ones send messages recognizing nurses and teams for exemplary care. Frequently, nursing teams work hard and achieve outcomes above and beyond expectations in patient safety, patient clinical outcomes and patient experience. Funds donated will provide hospital leadership with new ways to recognize these accomplishments.