Urology Clinic Renovation

Identifying a Hurdle to Lifesaving Care

Today, men have a lower life expectancy and are typically more reluctant to seek medical care than women. Based on this fact, urology discussions tend to be singular in focus. The reality is, perpetuating this ideology misses the serious fact that urologists treat men, women and children alike. Issues such as kidney, bladder and prostate cancer, along with a host of other severe conditions, need attention. Similar to other areas of the country, urology is a growing demand here at home. Capacity issues are an obstacle that must be overcome to provide our community with superior care and meet patients’ needs.

Expanding Care and Answering a Need

Baptist Health Paducah aims to proactively eliminate any hurdles to ensuring the needs of our community are met with unmatched patient experience by focusing on an expansion and innovation project to advance our urology program to the next level. With an emphasis on convenient outpatient services, this project would lead to greater awareness, treatment and care. Baptist Health Paducah urologists are the only providers who offer extended hours and are on call 24/7 for surrounding counties. Promoting wellness and longevity is more than a hospital ambition, it’s a community-shared aspiration. This project allows us to:

  • Accommodate program growth to include treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and urodynamic testing.
  • Expand department footprint to provide more streamlined care for patients by adding seven exam rooms, two procedure rooms, provider workspace, workflow efficiencies, storage for supplies, and a cleaning space for central sterilization.
  • Improve patient experience with less sedation, more affordable treatments, and more efficiency in tracking workflow.
  • Increase access for both procedures and office visits.
  • Provide the ability to perform competitive new in-office procedures for our community, including injections, infusions, urodynamics, Rezūm™ water vapor therapy, UroLift® and UroNav.

“Innovation and continual advancement are what we strive for at Baptist Health Paducah. Through this renovation and expansion, we can continue providing
the most advanced urological care to our region in a facility designed with convenience and patient experience in mind.”

Michael Knox, MD Urologist, Baptist Health Paducah