Cardiovascular Center

Expansion and Renovation Project

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. At times it attacks in a predictable manner, and at other times it attacks without warning. For patients and their families, access to the most advanced technologies is only part of the solution. The real magic comes from a team of care providers working collaboratively with one another to prevent, diagnose, reverse, operate and manage the disease. This collaborative approach is the future in medicine and the focus of Baptist Health Louisville’s efforts to build on its clinical excellence.

Structural Heart and Aortic

At the core of the Cardiovascular Center are the Structural Heart and Aortic programs. These programs are a response to the growing demands of both the complexity and volume in heart procedures in our area. Structural heart care, regardless of the procedure, requires a great deal of program development and care coordination. A multidisciplinary team-based approach can literally change the outcomes for patients and their families. However, many programs are challenged with achieving effective leadership, appropriate staffing and efficient support.

Here at Baptist Health, it’s different. We’re expanding on proven excellence, proven talent and responding proactively to community needs. Philanthropic support for this project would accelerate, enhance and ensure care for Louisville, La Grange and their surrounding communities.

Project Vision

  • Provide patients and their families with the most convenient and comfortable environment
  • Provide teams with the most advanced equipment and ongoing training possible
  • Expand and renovate our space to meet the growing demand of our community
  • Enhance inpatient and outpatient services
  • Continue to recruit and retain the most talented physicians available

Cardiac Hybrid Operating Rooms & Cardiac Catheterization Lab

In traditional operating rooms, imaging is separated from surgery. Often this results in a siloed approach to surgery. While this was common place for the technology at the time, new advancements in imaging and the collaboration of specialists have changed the game. Hybrid ORs are fully-integrated suites of talent and technology — where traditional surgery and robotics come together. Phase Two of this project, the Cardiac Cath Lab expansion, will open up new realities for minimally invasive tests and procedures. The new lab will offer patients and their families alternatives to care that are nothing short of groundbreaking. All of these efforts will assist with recruiting the very best physicians and establish this center as a destination for great heart care.

Cardiovascular Center

Each year the complexity and need for specialized cardiac care in our community exceeds available resources. Individuals have begun to seek alternatives, traveling outside our community at times. For some, this travel is unnecessary. This project will help to relocate and centralize cardiac care. It will provide for the development of a new state-of-the-art cath lab, and combine outpatient testing and rehab under one roof. At Baptist, we have wonderful providers; now it’s time we match that care with wonderful spaces.