Orthopedic Center

New Development and Talent Acquisition

As our population celebrates increased longevity of life, we must also consider improvements to quality of life. This new Orthopedic Center will provide four brand new operating suites, four post-anesthesia care units and four prep and recovery rooms, a place where patients are temporarily supported after their surgery. Projects like this are where philanthropy can take care from good to great for our community. Total anticipated cost is approximately $12 million. It will expand the Orthopedic Center to 35,000 square feet of space dedicated to patient care.

Project Vision

  • Dedicated location for Total Joint Surgery
  • Lowered healthcare costs
  • Improved patient and family experience

The demand for orthopedic services in our community is expanding exponentially. This demand is driven both by baby boomers turning 65 and older and by all ages seeking improvements to everyday quality of life. In fact, for the first time in human history, senior adults are projected to outnumber children. Nationally, total knee replacements are projected to increase by 189 percent— to nearly 1.3 million — by 2030. Outpatient joint replacements are projected to increase 227 percent over the next decade. Thankfully, with advancements in imaging, equipment and specialized surgery, orthopedic procedures can now be done faster, more precisely and with less hospitalization and recovery time.

“Providing award-winning orthopedic care is about helping our community experience mobility and the best quality of life possible. This project is urgent and would enable us to meet the growing needs of our community.”

Dr. Reid Brown, Baptist Health Medical Group Orthopedics