Emergency Department: A Vital Component in Community Health

Identifying a Hurdle to Lifesaving Care

Travel times to an Emergency Department are one of the biggest hurdles to receiving lifesaving care. Operating as the front door for emergent medical needs, our Emergency Department sees a spectrum of necessary care required to treat critical injuries, serious illnesses and hazardous accidents. In an emergency, community members do not always have the luxury of time to travel further to other facilities, experience longer than average wait time or experience anything other than the highest quality of care.

Expanding Care and Answering a Need

Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville aims to proactively eliminate any additional hurdles to providing our community with superior care and an unmatched patient experience by shortening wait times for patients and a re-imagined experience from start to finish. With an emphasis on privacy and comfort, new Emergency Department facilities at Baptist Health Deaconess Madisonville will include:

  • Upgrading current equipment to include the newest technology to increase the level of precision, certainty and speed in treating each diagnosis.
  • Renovation of existing space to be more efficient allowing for better patient flow and staff navigation.
  • The ability to serve more patients and allow them to receive quality emergent care within their own community.